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Articles tagged 'business owner'

August is the Month to Go All In thumbnail

August is the Month to Go All In

Published on Aug 1, 2017

August is the Month to Go All In If you have been trying to reach out to clients, leads or other business owners and have been getting nothing but out of office replies, you are not alone. In my experience, August seems to be the time when most people are taking vacations and spending time away from work. This might seem frustrating to you and detrimental to your bottom line, however, I think you should look at it in a positive light. READ MORE...

Get Personal thumbnail

Get Personal

Published on Jun 12, 2017

4 Ways to Battle Content Shock Series Four: Get Personal There is you and then there is your brand. Are they separate or one in the same? If you are a small business owner, it really is one in the same. Human beings are emotional animals; they tend to respond more to a personality over an ambiguous brand. So why not leverage yourself and make you a topic of conversation. I know, it sounds a little scary... READ MORE...