4 Ways to Battle Content Shock Series

Two: Make Your Content Look Great

People do not want to waste their time on bland boring browsing. Even if your post or website is top notch, if it doesn’t look like premium content its going to be ignored.

What do people expect high-end content to look like?

1. Clean modern design: Your content should be easy to read and have an updated layout, using the most current techniques.

2. Matches your branding: Make sure your logo, fonts and color theme are being used properly, so your brand stays intact.

3. Easy to navigate: Don’t make the reader have to work at finding the next article or page.

4. Free of errors: Have a few people review for spelling and grammar before publishing even a Tweet.

5. Incorporate other medium: Adding video, graphics or images not only adds value but makes your work stand out over others.

Do some research and see how your favorite websites, companies and blogs present their content. Make sure to note their use of whitespace, branding and choice of medium. Use your research as a guide to establish your own look, you can even create a template to make sure you are being consistent in your theme and layout.

Be on the lookout of more tangible actions you can take towards growing your brand and capturing your portion of customer mindshare!

Based on the best selling book by Schaefer, Mark (2015-03-11). The Content Code: Six essential strategies to ignite your content, your marketing, and your business.

Colleen Saltarelli


Colleen is the owner of Digital Lyft, Inc., a website design company based in Brookfield, CT. Colleen works with businesses to build, develop and maintain highly optimized websites that fit any budget. When shes not programming, the professionally trained chef can be found in the kitchen, whipping up treats for her family.