6 Things You Can Do, As A Small Business Owner, To Make Sure Your Website Is Successful

1. Create a list of priorities: A successful small business website starts with a list of goals. Your goals can be a variety of things; educate your customers, generate new leads, collect visitor data or collect emails for your mailing list. Whatever your goals are, create your website content around them and you cant go wrong.

2. Keep Your Site Simple: Your small business website should be simple, easy to navigate and have a clean design. Make sure to have a very user-friendly design and avoid outdated elements. The easier it is for the user, the more likely they will stay on your website and learn more about you.

3. Make it MOBILE-FRIENDLY: It's 2017 and of course your small business website is responsive and rearranges itself when viewed on different types of mobile devices. But, to be truly mobile-friendly your website should be mobile responsive and provide great user experience.

4. Be consistent with your branding: Before launching your small business website, make sure you have your branding such as logo, colors, fonts etc. all mapped out and complete. Consistency on your small business website and with your other marketing material, both online and in print, is key. Make sure people recognize you and your brand instantly.

5. Make Sure to Meet the Expectations of Your Website Visitor: When someone visits your small business website they have expectations about what information they will find. Tell your story, showcase your products or services, and show customer testimonials, these are all are absolutely essential. It is also important for your visitors to find what they expect quickly and efficiently.

6. Update Your Website Regularly: 27% of all small business websites are updated less than once a year! Be sure your website is kept up to date with current information and be sure to remove any outdated info, such as your last sale.

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Colleen Saltarelli


Colleen is the owner of Digital Lyft, Inc., a website design company based in Brookfield, CT. Colleen works with businesses to build, develop and maintain highly optimized websites that fit any budget. When shes not programming, the professionally trained chef can be found in the kitchen, whipping up treats for her family.